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Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Pillow

5 Keys to Decorating with Throw Pillows

One of the quickest, easiest and economical ways to update any space is to harness the power of the pillow. Extraordinarily versatile and stylish, accent pillows give living rooms, bedrooms, patios, porches and just about any spot an instant makeover. Even one new pillow can make a room feel renewed, highlight its various design features and help you celebrate the seasons. When it comes to decorating – there’s nothing a pillow can’t do!

pile of outdoor pillows

Show Your True Colors

Playing with color changes up décor in an instant. It has a magical way of instantly transforming a space. Want a little pick-me-up? Start swapping seasonal, colorful pillows into your rooms and voilà – an elegant update! Consider light pinks, blues, yellows or greens for spring or summer, darker desert tones of orange, brown, forest green, deep red or copper for fall, or classic red, evergreen, silver and gold for the holidays.

Indoor/Outdoor Woodland Throw Pillows and Rugs Set

Pull color ideas from other sources in the room as well, like artwork, furniture, curtains, rugs, bedding or accent pieces, and then highlight them using colorful pillows. Choose in sets of two or three colors for a theme. Research on-trend or fashion-inspired color combinations ( or choose classic combos like the neutral earth tones of beige/cream/white, primary colors of red/green/blue or the classic trio of red/white/blue.

Established two-color pairs include black/white, pink/green, white/yellow, green/yellow, blue/white, green/blue or create your own unique mix. Revitalizing a space can be as easy as swapping in some new shades.

Beware of Dog Kisses Hand-Hooked Wool Throw Pillow

outdoor pillows on grass

Have Fun With Prints & Patterns

Once you have a color theme, there’s a variety of options for print and pattern selection. Mixing and matching designs adds style and keeps the eye engaged. Blend your prints and patterns with the common color theme to tie the look together. For example, mix a floral pattern with a geometric pattern and a solid color. Or combine one chevron, one polka dot and one solid knitted pillow.

There are endless prints and patterns to choose from such as ikat, stripes, plaids, paisleys, medallions, leaves, flowers, animals and more – your pillows can be works of art! Consider choosing a lead pattern first, which is the largest pattern that has all the colors you want to incorporate, then add secondary patterns with just one or two of the theme colors. Three print or pattern types are usually enough to add visual interest and energy, but not overwhelm.

Touchy Feely Textures
& Shapes

Vibrant color choices and playful prints and patterns are important, but don’t forget to mix up the textures. Different textures and surfaces can really punch up a space and give it new life. Play with smooth/rough, soft/fuzzy, velvet, linen, faux fur, embroidery, fringe, tassels, chunky knits or hand hooked styles – the variety is vast.

Try pillows of different sizes or shapes, square is the classic standard, but if you want to break away from the mold, consider oversized, lumbar style, bolsters, cutouts or unique shapes. Once you’ve nailed your color and pattern theme you can get creative with the touch and feel of various textures and different shapes to mix it up and create something tailored to your own tastes and unique style.

Indoor/Outdoor Bird Pillow with Embroidery and 3D Flowers

Lutyens FSC-Certified Eucalyptus Wood Porch Swing

Cover All The Bases

Practically any space or place can be updated with a decorative accent pillow. There’s always the traditional family room couch and bedrooms, but don’t overlook patios, decks, porches, kitchens, dining rooms, offices and more. Any empty corner is a candidate for unexpected style and whimsy.

Indoor/outdoor weatherproof pillows make sprucing up the front porch, deck or back patio easy too. These long-lasting, durable styles add versatility and are a great option for busy households and those with pets and kids. Many styles have removeable, washable covers for easy care. Furniture cushions can also be thrown into the ‘pillow mix’ for another level of style and comfort for dining chairs, bar stools, rocking chairs, wicker furniture and deck or patio sets.

Find Balance & Symmetry

When arranging pillows consider the number of pillows you want to achieve balance and symmetry in your space. For a modern look, odd numbers work well in combos of three or five. Lots of small pillows grouped together can look messy, but an odd number of larger-size pillows looks fresh and contemporary. Arrangements in odd numbers are considered more modern and artistic.

For a traditional look, arrange pillows in even numbers. An even amount of two or four similar pillows on a bed or couch presents a balanced look that appears organized and tidy while also still being stylish.

Wood Raised Garden Bed

Polyester Classic Throw Pillows

Remember: Rules Are
Made To Be Broken!

Now that you’ve learned some keys to updating and freshening a space with pillows – go ahead and break all the rules. As the saying goes, “rules are made to be broken” and that’s especially true in the world of design. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover your favorite looks.

You can elevate your house to a home by tossing in some new pillows in any style, color, pattern or texture you enjoy and see the space transform. Use them to bring out the natural grain of hardwood floors, flatter a piece of furniture or a rug, or even turn an unsuspecting corner into a little oasis. Try a fresh assortment today for stylish and cozy living spaces that lift you up and make you want to come back again and again.

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