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Clean, Fresh And New!

The post-holiday wind down followed by “New Year, New Resolution!” wind up often finds us with new treasures and no place to put them. Here are some quick ways to restore (and create) a clean and peaceful home for the New Year, spring cleaning or any time:

woman cleaning house

De-Clutter & Purge

Your first step to an organized and stylish home is sorting through your things to determine what’s treasure, what can be donated and what’s destined for the dump. The secret to success? Tackle one thing a day—a closet, a drawer, a tabletop a day will give you the results that you can see and, better yet, feel in as little as 5 minutes!

5 minutes or less? Pick a smaller space to tackle like your key bowl that is overflowing with receipts, cough drops and other pocket clutter or choose your laundry room lint trap bin or wipe down your kitchen counters or appliance fronts.

kitchen open drawers

woman organizing closet

30 minutes to an hour? Choose a kitchen cabinet – pull out your canned goods, mug collection or spice cabinet and check for expired food products, chipped or mismatched cups and toss them. Next, take a minute to make a mental note to pick up anything you may need and start your grocery list. Finally, wipe down the interior and exterior of the cabinet before you return the keepers back to their newly tidy home

More than an hour? Go for a BIG impact project like your linen closet, bookshelf or that deep, dark junk drawer. These areas will take a bit more thought and effort to pull out the contents, purge, sort, dust and put back. Once you’re done (cue Rocky’s Anthem), enjoy the fruits of your labor and lightness of your mind, body and soul.

De-cluttering is an on-going process, so enjoy each victory as you complete them and don’t be surprised when you come back to your key bowl and see it could use a quick clean out.

Think Less, Smaller
& Multi-Function

Once you start de-cluttering and taking stock of what you love and what is a must-keep in your home, you’re going to need to find or create a place for each of those items to live.

Don’t just shove them away! That too often results in us wasting time searching for items we already know we have or wasting money rebuying them. Instead, consider new storage opportunities that take care of multiple needs at once.

Sometimes de-cluttering means freeing up space in your home by trading in our larger, clunky furniture for a more compact version (or go vertical!). Look for items that do the job you need them to in less space. Trust us, you will rejoice in the new found square footage you gain when you make the swap to smaller, multifunctional pieces that perfectly fit your personal style.

Transform your hearth space from cluttered to magazine-worthy with our Wood Rack with Fireplace Tools. It features a compact footprint and holds everything you need to care for your fireplace in a neat and tidy manner – wood, kindling, and all your tools conveniently at hand.

Often our needs change and versatile organizing pieces step in to save the day. Look for heirloom-quality, classic style storage pieces you use depending on your particular season of life and needs.

Once you’ve gone through your collection of kitchen tools, use our versatile Stoneware Crocks to hold them all together in an attractive and easily accessible way. These crocks can also be used as a vase, planter, desk organizer, fatwood holder and more.

Think furniture on wheels! Add casters to your current favorites yourself or look for pieces like our Weston Writing Desk or Covington Kitchen Cart that have them built-in. Wheels make it easy for you to move pieces wherever your family needs them and then back out of the way – plus, it’s so much easier to clean up under furniture when you can roll it out and sweep away the dust bunnies.

Choose items you’ll enjoy looking at and enjoy using. When an organized space is done in a way that is attractive, you’ll find it easier to keep clean and, even better, you’ll be motivated to keep it clean.

Quick-Hit Cleaning

Now that you’ve decided what you love and what you need and each piece has a home of its own, you just have to maintain it!

A trick we love to keep us motivated to clean is to pick a play list or a podcast to clean to and make it a race to do as much as possible before it ends. It’s okay if you don’t get it all done! If you still have the energy and motivation, keep going – sometimes you just need a jump-start to get you on task. If you’re ready for a break, pick up where you left off with your next high-speed cleaning session.

Our recommendations to get motivated: Clean with Me Podcast, Gardening Podcasts, Levar Burton Reads, or create your own playlist for free with Spotify.

woman listening to music

Small time commitment, big impact, everyday cleaning chores includes reviewing, tossing and putting away the mail. The mail can pile up quick and the higher the pile the less motivated we are to tackle it. Better yet, don’t let junk mail enter your home – keep a recycling or kindling bucket by your door and drop those nuisance envelopes in before you take out your keys. Or, check out an app that helps you unsubscribe from unwanted mail like PaperKarma.

Keep your entryway (always a hot spot) neatly organized with daily storage that works for the whole family: hooks for coats, purses, backpacks and dog leashes; baskets/cubbies for footwear, garden gloves and pet toys; and a seat for removing boots and shoes.

Whatever your personal style, a clean and de-cluttered space is sure to complement it and bring you joy! Take the first step today and enjoy lighter, fresher home for you and your family.

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