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Chapel Bell Birdhouse favorite




In Stock!
  • A heavenly addition to your backyard habitat
  • A working bell is in the top story with faux stained glass windows in the bottom portion
  • Makes a festive indoor accent as well as a functional birdhouse
  • Unpainted interior; non-toxic, exterior finish
  • 1¼" dia. opening attracts songbirds, deters nuisance birds
  • Removable back, drainage holes and ventilation for a healthy habitat
  • Solid wood and plyboard house with classic shingled roof

8" sq. x 11"H

The Chapel Bell Birdhouse is the perfect sanctuary for your favorite angelic songbirds. The charming two-story church design features a bell in the top tower and faux stained glass windows in the main chamber.

The 1¼" dia. opening is designed to attract wrens, finches, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and other little songbirds. The house has a removable back for easy cleaning plus drainage holes and ventilation for a healthy environment.

This classically styled birdhouse is constructed of a mix of hardwood and exterior-grade plywood, then painted with an outdoor paint. Comes with an attached mounting paddle on back which can be affixed to a post, tree or fence.

A heavenly addition to your backyard habitat or a great gift for your favorite birder!

8" sq. x 11"H
1¼" dia. opening

Materials & Care
Per customer feedback, our vendor has upgraded to solid wood for the roof decking and flooring of this birdhouse. Solid wood will prevent the delamination associated with the plywood previously used in these two areas.

Over time, this birdhouse will require some easy weatherproofing if used outdoors. Avoid chemicals and sealants that can be harmful to wildlife. We suggest preserving the wood with a clear, UV-rated polyurethane product recommended for marine use. Apply only to the exterior of the house (not the interior nesting quarters). Depending upon weather exposure and wear, you may need to reapply yearly.

The cedar roof shingles are naturally weather-resistant and will age to a silvery gray patina. This is perfectly normal and they will maintain their functionality regardless of color.

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