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RESCUE!® American-Made Odor-Free Reusable Indoor/Outdoor Stink Bug Trap 7-Week Refills



You Save $5.18 (53%)




You Save $5.18 (53%)

Newcomers to the US, stink bugs gobble up your garden when it's warm and infest your home when it's cold. They've spread to 33 states already, and with an inborn resistance to most pesticides, they're notoriously difficult to get rid of.

Now there’s a safe, effective way to help guard your home and garden against invading stink bugs. Position our odor-free, reusable Stink Bug Trap outside during the spring and summer – it emits a pheromone attractant that draws stink bugs within a 20-foot radius, trapping them before they can damage your plants or sneak into your home. Once inside, they dehydrate for easy disposal. Comes with a 2-week supply of attractant.

Stink Bugs in your house? Easily adapt the Stink Bug Trap for indoor use with the Stink Bug Light! In place of the bait used outdoors, a special LED fits over the Stink Bug Trap to lure bugs already in your home. Made in USA.

Cannot ship to a PO Box.
Ships within the 48 contiguous states only.

  • Odor-free, non-toxic pheromone stink bug trap
  • Attracts stink bugs within a 20-foot radius
  • Includes 2-week supply of attractant
  • Reusable – 7-week attractant refills sold separately
  • Trap and light work indoors without need of re-baiting
  • Made in USA

Top 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Stink Bug Trap
To make sure your new Stink Bug Trap does its job effectively, be sure to follow these easy-to-follow tips:

1. Make sure the trap's "fins" are in contact with branches, grass or foliage.
Juvenile stink bugs cannot fly and so will need to access the trap from another surface. If the Stink Bug Trap is positioned in a tree or on the ground so its “fins” are touching the leaves, branches, or grass, the stink bugs will be able to reach it easily. By late August, the now-adult stink bugs can fly, and you may move the trap to a different location.

2. Position the Stink Bug Trap well away from outside light sources.
Artificial light interferes with the effectiveness of the pheromones, reducing the number of stink bugs you'll trap. Make sure to place your trap well away from lampposts, path lights, and outdoor spotlights.

3. Protect your trees and vegetables. If stink bugs are affecting your fruit or ornamental trees, hang the Stink Bug trap among the branches, making sure the green fins come in contact with the foliage. If stink bugs are damaging your garden, position the trap near the garden's edge to lure them away.

4. Remember to re-bait your Stink Bug Trap every 2 weeks.
Stock up on the 7-Week Refills – in order to keep your Stink Bug Trap functioning effectively all summer, the pheromone bait needs to be replaced every two weeks. IMPORTANT: Even if the lures still have liquid in them, you'll need to replace the bait every two weeks to make sure the attractant is still releasing into the air.

5. The Stink Bug Trap is most effective when used indoors with the Stink Bug LED Light Attachment. Stink bugs don't respond to pheromones indoors (the breeding season has passed by the time it's cold enough for them to want to take shelter inside), so use the LED Light Attachment (sold separately) in place of the pheromone lures. To ensure the Stink Bug Trap's effectiveness indoors, place it in a darkened area and use as few lights as possible so the stink bugs will be drawn to the light within the trap.

PLEASE NOTE: While no single method yet exists for entirely eliminating stink bugs from a specific area, the Stink Bug Trap can be a very valuable tool in the war on stink bugs. When used correctly and in conjunction with the methods detailed in our carefully researched guide for getting rid of stink bugs (see links below), the Stink Bug Trap can help significantly reduce the number of stink bugs in your home.

Stink Bug Trap: 6"W x 6"D x 15-1/2"H

Reserve Your Stink Bug Trap LED Light Now!
65277 Stink Bug Trap LED Light Attachment For Indoor Use will be available on September 15, 2011

As seen on NBC, CBS, Fox and other news networks, the American-made, indoor/outdoor RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap will help reduce the number of stink bugs that invade your home. Order your Rescue!® Stink Bug Trap and odor-free, reusable attractant refills (for outdoor use) now and preorder your LED light attachment (for indoor use) online or at a Plow & Hearth retail location near you. If you’re one of the states that’s been hit the hardest by the stink bug epidemic (Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland ) you'll be lucky enough to see these product first-hand at one of our stores.

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How To Stop Stinkbugs

Chances are good that you've already seen them. Stink bugs are an agricultural pest and a home-invading nuisance. The annoying, shield-shaped brown bugs hitched a ride to the US in cargo shipments from Asia in the late 90s, and now - thanks to their proclivity for procreating four times a year and the absence of natural predators - they’ve spread to 33 states.

Stink Bugs 101

Sometimes known as "shield bugs" because of their distinctive shape, they're much more commonly known as "stink bugs." Their recent emergence in the heartland states (often referred to as "the nation's breadbox") is especially troubling, as in this area stink bugs are more than a mere nuisance and pose a serious threat to crops.

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