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Agate Wind Chime - Blue
54159 BL



Our Agate Wind Chime has a soothing, delicate sound, and the natural stone is said to have healing and calming properties that promote inner peace and strength.

The music of the chimes and the earth's energy from the stone bring harmony. Agate is formed over time in nodules left in volcanic rock. Therefore, these natural stones will vary in size, shape and color; no two are alike. Chime is made of 6 silver-colored metal rods, Agate stone, and ash wood.

  • Chime with agate accent
  • Makes a delicate sound
  • Agate is said to have healing properties
  • Stones are unique; no two are alike
  • 6 silver-colored metal tubes
  • Ash wood top

2¾" dia. x 18"L

2¾" dia. x 18"L