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Peacock Wind Spinner with Jewel Accents



Our Peacock Wind Spinner with Jewel Accents swirls around like the beautiful feathers displayed by its namesake.

This spinner makes a dazzling addition to your landscape. Each of the 60 pink, green, blue and yellow laser-cut petals displays a brightly-colored faux jewel at its center, creating the impression of vibrant peacock feathers.

Lovely even when standing still, this colorful metal spinner really comes to life when caught by a breeze. This grand piece of art stands over six feet tall and two feet across, with laser cuts in the petals that give this metal wind spinner a light and airy feel.

  • Dual-rotor metal wind spinner
  • Each rotor has 30 multi-colored petals
  • Each petal has a faux jewel at its center
  • Petals are laser cut
  • Weather-resistant finish

24" dia. x 9¾"D x 75"H

24" dia. x 9¾"D x 75"H

Mon Nov 12 18:00:29 EST 2018