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Ladybug Habitat Hotel



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Attract aphid-eating ladybugs to your yard and garden. Our wooden Ladybug Habitat Hotel keeps these insect-eating beetles safe from predators so they can concentrate on controlling your pest population.

This natural wood shelter is a pesticide-free way to protect your plants from aphids, mealybugs, spider mites and other destructive insects. By providing shelter for beneficial bugs, you're helping to reduce the use of dangerous pesticides and chemicals.

  • Wood habitat shelter box
  • Attracts insect-eating ladybugs
  • Provides shelter for beneficial bugs
  • Keeps ladybugs safe from predators
  • Natural pest control, a great solution to pesticides
  • Ladybugs eat aphids, mealybugs other destructive insects

Size: 4"W x 3¼"D x 10¾"H

4"W x 3¼"D x 10¾"H

Wed Sep 18 16:33:44 EDT 2019