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Galileo Thermometer with Wood Frame favorite




Limited Stock
  • Displays Galileo's principle of thermodynamics
  • Wood frame with cherry finish
  • Colorful glass bubbles with temperature tags
  • Bubbles rise and fall as temperature changes
  • Glass column filled with paraffin oil
  • Read lowest bubble of top grouping for temperature

3¾"L x 2¼"W x 14½"H

Our Galileo Thermometer with Wood Frame is a unique desktop accent for any home or office, it also makes a creative gift for inquisitive minds. Handsome wood frame with a cherry finish complements any style décor.

Displaying the law of thermodynamics and the principle of relative density, this Galileo thermometer shows temperature changes ranging from 60-84° degrees. Colorful glass bubbles rise and fall within a glass tube filled with paraffin oil. For the current temperature read the metal tag on the lowest bubble of top grouping.

3¾"L x 2¼"W x 14½"H

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