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Wildflower-Infused Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate favorite




Limited Stock
  • Concentrated wildflower-infused hummingbird nectar
  • Mix 2-to-1 with water to create more than 75 ounces of nectar 
  • All natural, dye free and no artificial preservatives
  • Infused with hydrosols to attract more hummingbirds
  • Electrolytes help prevent dehydration
  • Calcium promotes healthy egg development
  • 25¼ oz. bottle

25¼ oz.

Take the guesswork out of providing healthy treats for your feathered friends by using our Wildflower-Infused Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate. If you've been making your own hummingbird nectar just to be 100% certain that only the best of ingredients are being offered at your feeders, this is for you.

Our hummingbird nectar concentrate is infused with all natural, steam-distilled wildflower extracts that your hummers will love. No unnecessary food coloring or corn syrup here! Mixed with water, our concentrate makes three times the bottle volume of all-natural, dye-free deliciousness with no artificial preservatives.

Our hummingbird nectar even includes electrolytes to help prevent dehydration and calcium to help promote healthy egg development. Because only the very best is good enough for your backyard buddies. 25¼ oz. bottle.

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