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Cast Iron Fireback with Oak Leaf Design favorite




In Stock!
  • Made of durable cast iron
  • Protects bricks and mortar of your firebox
  • Reflects heat back into the room
  • Radiates warmth even after fire has died down
  • Heat-resistant black finish
  • Beautiful, decorative oak leaf design

17¾"W x 1"D x 19¾"H

Made of cast iron with an exclusive oak leaf design, our Oak Leaf Fireback will protect the bricks and mortar of your firebox. But more importantly, it reflects more heat into the room, and radiates warmth even after your fire has died down. Heat-resistant black finish.

Secure the fireback with our cast-iron Fireback Feet sold separately.

17-3/4"W x 1"D x 19-3/4"H


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