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Cast Iron Franklin Self-Feeding Fireplace Grate

$54.95 - $99.95

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The deep-bed construction of our Franklin Self-Feeding Fireplace Grate keeps the logs in where they belong, so they won't roll forward. The self-feeding design keeps the wood together, so your fire burns more efficiently with less smoke and radiates more heat into the room. Offered in different sizes for larger or smaller fires and fireplaces.

  • Franklin Fireplace Grate
  • Heavy-duty, solid cast iron that will not warp or burn out
  • Cradling basket-style design keeps logs contained safely and securely
  • Self-feeding design keeps the wood together so the fire burns more efficiently
  • offered in different sizes for larger or smaller fires and fireplaces

15" x 15" x 9"-2" Leg
17" x 12" x 12"-2" Leg
17" x 12" x 12"-4" Leg
22" x 18" x 12"-2" Leg
22" x 18" x 12"-4" Leg
27" x 22" x 12"-2" Leg
27" x 22" x 12"-4" Leg

27"x 12"-4"Leg Franklin Fireplace Grate

Expected Ship:03/27/2019


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22"x 12"-4"Leg Franklin Fireplace Grate

Expected Ship:03/29/2019


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27"x 12"-2"Leg Franklin Fireplace Grate

Expected Ship:05/05/2019


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22"x 12"-2"Leg Franklin Fireplace Grate

Expected Ship:05/05/2019


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17"x 12"-4"Leg Franklin Fireplace Grate

Expected Ship:03/27/2019


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17"x 12"-2"Leg Franklin Fireplace Grate

Expected Ship:03/29/2019


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15"x 9"-2"Leg Franklin Fireplace Grate

Expected Ship:03/28/2019


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