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Stainless Fireplace Reflector With Full Sides

$169.95 - $219.95

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Enjoy a bigger, brighter, warmer fire with our Stainless Fireplace Reflector With Full Sides. It covers the back and both sides of your fireplace to radiate warmth and light out into the room, not up the chimney, for up to 40% more efficiency. The three-piece, hinged design is constructed from super-durable, all-clad 18 gauge stainless steel for full coverage and excellent heat reflection. Great for gas logs and real wood fires, our reflector also lends protection to your firebox and masonry. No assembly needed, installs in seconds. Quality-made in the USA.

27"W Reflector 22"H with 24"D sides
30"W Reflector 22"H with 28"D sides
36"W Reflector 28"H with 32"D sides

36"W Reflector

Expected Ship:12/15/2019


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30"W Reflector

Expected Ship:12/15/2019


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27"W Reflector

Expected Ship:12/15/2019


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