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Fireplace Spark Guard in Burnished Bronze

$179.95 - $199.95

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Our Spark Guard keeps your hearth safe, protecting against dangerous sparks and popping embers. Our Spark Guard fits snugly against your hearth for maximum protection on all sides.

Our well-made Spark Guard features the hallmarks of traditional blacksmith workmanship: quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and a thoughtful, balanced design. The frame is crafted from solid steel rods and covered in heavy-duty mesh for maximum safety and protection. It's durable and sturdy, yet light enough to move easily. Spark Guard is 6½"D.

  • Spark Guard offers excellent coverage and protection
  • Fits snugly up against your hearth
  • Protects against popping embers and flyaway sparks
  • Well-made design with quality materials and superior craftsmanship
  • Solid steel frames covered in heavy-duty mesh
  • Durable, sturdy and lightweight
  • Spark Guard is 6½"D; weights approx. 20 lbs.

Small 39"W x 6½"D x 31"H
Large 44"W x 6½"D x 33"H

Large Fireplace Spark Guard in Burnished Bronze, 44"W x 33"H

11555 BRZ
Expected Ship:01/04/2020

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Small Fireplace Spark Guard in Burnished Bronze, 39"W x 31"H

11554 BRZ
Expected Ship:01/04/2020


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