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$104.95 - $119.95
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  • 1-Pc. Flat Bottom Fireplace Grate
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction in black finish
  • Allows air to reach the wood from all angles
  • Promotes safer, cleaner, hotter and more efficient fires
  • Self-feeding design

Our one-piece, flat-bottom fireplace grate is designed to let air reach the firewood from all angles for a more efficient burn. The grate is made of one piece with a flat bottom and 4" legs. The raised edges ensure partially burned logs and hot cinders stay in the fire until they are completely consumed.

20"W front; 16"W back x 15"D x 7"H
4" legs
20 lbs.

24"W front; 20¾"W back x 15"D x 7"H
4" legs
20 lbs.

27"W front; 23¾"W back x 15"D x 7"H
4" legs
26 lbs.


27"Flat Bottom Fireplace Grate


$119.95 discounted from


24"Flat Bottom Fireplace Grate


$109.95 discounted from


20"Flat-Bottom Fireplace Grate


$104.95 discounted from

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