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Reusable SaltNets Snow and Ice Melting Mat - Black favorite
53T9U BK




Limited Stock
  • Prevents ice and snow from bonding to surfaces
  • Can also melt existing ice or snow
  • Makes surfaces safer
  • Safe around pets; no direct contact with chemicals
  • The melting agent is contained inside the mat, keeping paws and floors safe
  • Reusable; store in an airtight container

15½" x 27½"

Keep steps and walkways safe without the mess of rock salt and harsh chemicals. Saltnets® prevent snow and ice from bonding to surfaces, and can also melt existing snow and ice.

They're safe around pets, because the chemical solution is contained within the mat, so it won't hurt paws or damage floors.

To use on surfaces without snow or ice, place on the surface you wish to prevent a snow/ice bond. To use on surfaces with snow or ice, place the mat onto the snow until it has melted through to the underlying surface. Speeds will vary depending on temperatures. Saltnets will melt about 1" of snow or ice in a 24 hour period.

SaltNets provide a simple, effective solution to a common, recurring problem. Patented technology allows for clean and efficient prevention of snow and ice at a reasonable cost. No more back-breaking labor or overuse of corrosive melting agents. SaltNets are durable, dependable and long lasting.

15½" x 27½"

SaltNets Info & Usage
SaltNets feature a mixture of sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides that melts snow and ice at -15°F and above. The nylon tube construction provides a controlled release of the melting agent for maximum effectiveness.

For outdoor use only; do not use indoors. Keep in plastic bag until ready to use. Active mats will extrude melting agent. Store in an airtight container. Results will vary depending upon weather, temperature and usage.

SaltNets pull moisture from snow and ice to activate the melting process; therefore, they require an initial "start-up" period to begin the melting process. SaltNets melt about 1" of snowfall/ice per 24 hour period (melting speed will vary depending upon temperature). For best results, keep your SaltNet on top of the snow/ice for maximum melting.

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