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USA-Made 50-Gallon Rain Wizard Water Conservation Barrel With Brass Shut-Off Valve
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50 Gallon Rain Wizard Water Conservation Barrel with Brass Shut-off Valve

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USA-Made 50-Gallon Rain Wizard Water Conservation Barrel With Brass Shut-Off Valve
$19.95 - $139.95
The Rain Wizard lets you collect and store 50 gallons of fresh, free rain water that would otherwise go wasted. When water is scarce you'll be glad that you have a ready supply of your own.

• Conservation made easy and effective – pays for itself
• Fresh water for plants, garden, flower beds and more
• Won't drive up your water bill or run your well dry
• Links to other barrels for increased capacity
• Durable and weather-resistant resin
• High-quality brass shut-off valve for hose hook-up or dual overflow
• Screen keeps out debris and insects
• Child- and pet-proof
• Double your water storage capacity - connect two Rain Wizards together with our Link Kit. Durable rubber hose and stainless steel clamps ensure a leak-proof seal. Some assembly required.
• Made in USA.

Available Colors
Oak (shown)

23" x 22" x 31"H; 19 lbs.

Link Kit allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
USA-Made 50-Gallon Rain Wizard Water Conservation Barrel With Brass Shut-Off Valve
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Stand for Rain Wizard Water Conservation Barrel
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50 Gallon Rain Wizard Water Conservation Barrel Link Kit
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3.1 (based on customer reviews)

Very satisfied with purchase
Comments about Product:
Just make sure you put the correct threaded side on the spigot when installing it. Smaller end is for hose.
By Mulching Margaret
There is a design flaw
Comments about Product:
To shut off water draining into a hose or watering can, the whole faucet must be rotated to one side. The turn off mechanism hits the body of the barrel and so can not shut the water off completely.
By Mulching Margaret
mosquito heaven
Comments about Product:
The idea is great, BUT the indented portions of base collect rain water. Not a good thing in areas which have to worry about West Nile issues.
By Mulching Margaret
Comments about Product:
The connector consisted of a short hose and 2 clamps. The ONLY place one could connect this hose would be to the faucet AT THE BOTTOM OF ONE BARREL TO THE BOTTOM OF ANOTHER BARREL...this is NOT the ideal way to fill another container. I am returning this product for a refund.
By Paula
Love It!
Comments about Product:
Fills up fast after a good rain. I feel good that I am using rainwater for my vegetable garden! I did buy the hose that attaches to it, but the water flows so slowly from the hose that I don't even bother with it -- I just keep filling up my large water can.
By Leon T.
Does exactly what I expected
Comments about Product:
Catches rain water from house gutter. Use it for watering the outdoor plants not covered by the yard sprinkler system.
By Joyce
Just needs a removable lid
Comments about Product:
I bought two different styles of rain barrels. This one looks great and snugs close to the house. But the other one has, in addition to the faucets, a removable lid on top. It is so much faster to dip and fill the watering can this way when there is enough water in it. I wish this one had a lid that lifted off at the top. but otherwise, it is made well and looks good.
By Steve
Comments about Product:
It was a piece of hose (18 inches) and two clamps. No instructions. Couldn't work without some kind of connection to the two barrels. Probably $100 worth of goods for $19.95. A REAL BAD DEAL. I asked the lady to have someone follow up with me.
By B Ferris
wish I had read the reviews
Comments about Product:
[...] The spigot does not align with the hole in the barrel. I am too frustrated to even try for a third barrel. I am disappointed in this product. I spent what I feel was quite a bit of money for the stand and barrel and do not feel I got my moneys worth.
By landscapermkm
the good and the bad
Comments about Product:
the heavy duty faucet is located at the bottom, which is great. The two halves of the molded plastic vary in color. The screen is very cheap. Mine came cracked, no big deal. But the plastic "screen" holds surface tension and doesn't let the water flow easly. I would recommend the barrel if they plastic screen was changed. (my house plants like the natural water).
By Trying to save the Rose Bushes.
Great Investment
Comments about Product:
Since our water company added chloramine to our water it became necessary to collect rain water. The chloramine was killing our many rose bushes! This was a great investment to aid our landscaping. There is no water pressure to aid the flow so it takes time to empty the water into a pail or bucket to transport to the flower beds. It was a great investment and we are thinking about adding another.
By Trying to save the Rose Bushes
Rain Barrel Stand
Comments about Product:
Having bought the rain barrel, I felt it would be a good idea to have the rain barrel stand to sit the barrel on, instead of placing the barrel right on the ground or building a podium. Also needed to raise the spout of the barrel off the ground. Received the merchandise and set it up by the side of the house. Everything seemed fine. Using the rain water to water the rose bushes was great! However, we then had several days of rain and the rain barrel filled to capacity; I went outside to check on the flower beds and noticed something seemed strange about the water barrel. It was away from the house and leaning on the one rose bush. Upon futher examination the 'rain barrel stand' which cost me several dollars had collapsed from the weight of the rain barrel (which now held 50 gal H2O). What a job to now empty the rain barrel (trying to save the water), move the rain barrel off the stand, and trying to uncollapse the rain barrel. I had to build a platform/podium for the barrel out of concrete blocks, place the rain barrel back by the side of my house and refill the rain barrel with the previously collected water. I advise all potential rain barrel purchases to not waste the money for the stand. It is too expense and not sturdy enough for the weight of a filled rain barrel.
By Landscape Queen
Use rainwater to stay green
Comments about Product:
The rainbarrel is good at catching rain for plant watering. The on/off valve is a nice feature. The overflow hole does not allow water to go into another container when full for an unknown reason. I do like being able to use the rainwater for my plants.
By G2
It fills up quickly
Comments about Product:
If you get a strong rain storm, the thing will fill up overnight. So you need to watch out, because if it overflows next to your foundation, you might get some water in the basement. So we just hook up a hose and open the tap if it is a big storm. Other than that, the plants love it and the kids love it.
By Michelle
I would buy this product locally
Comments about Product:
This seems to be a decent product but I found after ordering it that I can purchase it for a 1/3 of your price.
By Mike
Easily set up
Comments about Product:
A little pricey and does not come with a diverter to let the rain go down the down sport once the barrel is full.
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