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17-3/4" dia. x 30"H Aluminum Solar-Powered Fountain Birdbath with Copper Finish

17-3/4" dia. x 30"H Aluminum Solar-Powered Fountain Birdbath with Copper Finish

Sorry, this product is currently not available.


Plow & Hearth Exclusive

Place our aluminum Solar-Powered Fountain Birdbath with Copper Finish in a sunny spot, sit back and enjoy the show. You'll provide needed nourishment while you relax to the soothing sight and sound of water in motion, no wiring or installation needed.

The built-in solar panel circulates water whenever the sun shines. Includes one gentle shower and one bubbling fountainhead. Aluminum construction with real antique copper finish.

• Solar-Powered Fountain Birdbath
• No wiring or installation necessary
• Built-in solar panel
• Includes gentle shower and bubbling fountainhead
• Made of aluminum

17-3/4" dia. x 30"H
3.2 (based on 19 customer reviews)

By Big Red
Comments about Product:
This is a fabulous birdbath!! It is a little top-heavy on a mountainside when filled with water, so we filled the base column with some rocks so it wouldn't tip over. It works perfectly and doesn't get dirty and gross-looking like out old "concrete" colored one!

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By Squire Thad
FromWashington, D.C.
Pretty; not a great perfomer
Comments about Product:
I would not normally pay this much for a birdbath. However, it is beautiful and, given the price and the size of the solar panel, I thought it would store up energy and bubble even after dark (as do my pathway lights, which have much smaller solar panels). I was wrong. The fountain function stops as soon as the sun goes behind clouds. What results is a still basin of water, which: (1) could be had much cheaper, if that's what one wants; and (2) becomes a mosquito breading ground, which precisely what I hoped to avoid in buying a bubbling version. Not worth the money.

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By Daisylover
FromColumbus, OH
More than one use
Comments about Product:
I purchased one several years ago. I have had to replace the solar pump twice. Now none of the pumps will fit the older size. Very disappointed in not having a bubble fountain. I use is as just a bird bath but i already had one of those so it is not what i wanted.

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By jb
FromPaducah, ky
Pretty but also disappointing
Comments about Product:
The fountain only operates in bright sunshine. If one cloud comes by, it stops. This is so disappointing and a better battery would have solved this.I had to say whether or not I would recommend this. Not sure. But yes, as we enjoy it, but its often shortlived.

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By June
FromMonroe, LA
Love it!!
Comments about Product:
My boss got this for our boutique/salon and put it in the backyard with the bird and squirrel feeders, and the birds LOVE it! It's easy to set up, lightweight but sturdy, and really adds to the animal sanctuary feel we are trying to create. I would highly recommend it!!

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By Smiley
FromBirmingham, AL
Good looking but doesn't work well
Comments about Product:
Does not attract birds.Flowing water sounds nice but solar panel was replaced at least annually. Could push it over easily

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By birdlover
FromArnold, Missouri
the finish bubbled and peeled
Comments about Product:
Was so excited to get this birdbath, but within three months, the finish bubbled and peeled off. It was expensive, which I don't mind if it is good quality, but this is definitely not.

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By Anne
FromDumfries, VA
i like it
Comments about Product:
I'm not sure the birds are using it.

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By Lisa
FromCupertino, CA
Finish Deteriorated
Comments about Product:
Loved the look and function of this fountain until the finish started peeling and bubbling after a few weeks. Plow and Hearth replaced (thank you!), but the second did the same thing. Sometimes the solar panel piece seems to get too sealed to the bowl and water has trouble reaching the pump - needs frequent cleaning to avoid. Otherwise, great flow. I was really sad, because it would have been the perfect fountain if the finish didn't break down.

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By garden girl
FromHarrisburg Pa
poor quality
Comments about Product:
the finish did not hold up at all.We expected a stainless steel looking bird bath. the solar pump loss power.

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By Garden crazy
FromGilroy ca
Thumbs down on solar power
Comments about Product:
Solar pump died after one month. I tried three and they all stopped working at almost exactly one month.

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By Rcoppertop
FromAvon Lake, OH
Item as shown but bung won't stay in
Comments about Product:
The bung that keeps the water in the top of this two-tiered fountain doesn't stay in. If you adjust it at all to make it straight, the bung falls out and no water stays in the top. Frustrating! Save your money and get the plain solar fountain. I liked that much better (until it broke).

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By Galileo's Cat
FromWestern Wisconsin
Beautiful, Easy to set up
Comments about Product:
Bought this one after a year of shopping. It is one of the most beautiful fountains around. Very easy to assemble. Must be perfectly level. Has stood up well to some strong winds and storms right away..even racoon paw prints on the side of it...Hasn't tipped over. Very fussy about the amount of sunlight it gets. In full sun the fountain head shoots high. When a cloud passes, the stream lowers or stops completely. If you don't mind an on again/off again fountain you will love it! No wires...No plumbing! Easy and looks and sounds beautiful!

Was this review helpful? Yes / No

By ash
FromChadds Ford, PA
Great Product,Birds don't know it
Comments about Product:
[...]I put it together in about 2 minutes. The solar pump took about a minute to assemble. Very easy.The only problem is....the birds will not use it. The only thing sipping and dipping their feet(?) in it are yellow jackets!any advice on luring birds into the pool!??

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By Buckeye in OH
FromDayton, OH
Sorry I didn't buy it sooner!
Comments about Product:
The birds are loving it and I'm spending more time on the porch listening not only to their happy chirps but the soothing sound of the fountain.

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By Billy Bob Birder
FromUpstate, NY
Better be Full Sun!
Comments about Product:
The birdbath will only work at full overhead sun. Even the thinnest cloud layer or morning/evening angle will keep it from working.

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By ibfred
FromBeeville, Texas
Solar Powered Fountain
Comments about Product:
The center of the dish that holds the water needs to be deeper. The pump does not allow the solar panel to set properly.

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By ljufursmom
FromLexington Texas
Comments about Product:
We like our fountain a lot. So far the cats have not jumped up into it to swim or tip it over(: The motor unit does float about, it would looked better if that part anchored to the bottom somehow. We especially like that it does not look "new" and seems to have been there for years.

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By Rose Fairy
Saw a sparrow taking a bath today. Cool.
Comments about Product:
Product looks nice, alittle expensive though. Solar pump worked good for two weeks, now it hardly pushes any water. The bird bath still looks nice even without the pump working very good.

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