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Leakproof, Odor-Free 1-Gallon Lattice Ceramic Compost Crock
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Leakproof, Odor-Free 1-Gallon Lattice Ceramic Compost Crock, Filters and Bags

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Leakproof, Odor-Free 1-Gallon Lattice Ceramic Compost Crock
$7.95 - $29.95
Turn food scraps into valuable nutrients for your plants with our leakproof, odor-free Lattice Compost Crocks. Filters are included.

Use 100% biodegradable compost bags to line your container. They breathe naturally, allowing heat and moisture to escape. Completely compostable; just remove with the contents and add to your compost pile. Blue and White are not shown.

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1 Gallon

Leakproof, Odor-Free 1-Gallon Lattice Ceramic Compost Crock
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1-Gallon Compost Crock Replacement Filters, Set of 2
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Certified Compostable Bags, Pack of 25
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3.3 (based on customer reviews)

By Cassandra
Returned it
Comments about Product:
The crock is capacious and looks handsome on the counter. However, as others have commented, the wide inner lip at the top makes it impossible to remove even a partially full liner bag. If you do not use a bag it is awkward and messy to clean under the lip. Also, quality control is lacking; on my crock one of the knobs was so small the handle would not stay on, and the other knob was so large that the handle just barely fit and would not turn at all. This item is made in China. I returned it, at my expense. If you use the biodegradable bags, be aware that the bag starts to degrade as soon as anything wet, like coffee grounds or tea bags, is put in. After a day or two the bag drips when removed (if you manage to remove it all). Forget taking the bag alone out to the compost pile; the whole crock must be carried and the bag dumped and then removed. The bag does, however, make it easier to clean the crock.
By Mama Webb
nice but the bag is difficult to remove
Comments about Product:
We use the crock for all our kitchen scraps, including potato peelings, coffee grounds, etc. The crock is convenient and very attractive sitting on the counter. I usually have the crock pretty full when I try to pull the bag out and the product in the crock gets stuck on the lip of the crock and the bag usually rips when I try to remove it. I now just take the entire crock to the composting bin and dump the stuff out and then pull the bag. I don't know the design of other crocks but I would definitely look for one without the lip the next time.
Good Concept with some design flaws
Comments about Product:
I use this daily to hold all the fruit and veggie scraps we go through. I like the size and design. It's unobtrusive and appealing to leave on the counter. I haven't had any issues with smells or pests. It gets full pretty quick and with 2 small kids, I cannot just run out to empty the bag and it usually ends up too full. The bags get torn easily or are totally non removable when filled to it's capacity because of the inner lip that holds the lid in place. The lid also gets a bit funky when full because its fit allows it to come into contact with the scraps. The handle does not rotate well which makes it awkward to carry. For the price, it's a decent buy, but I would have preferred to spend the extra money towards the stainless steel one had I realized the flaws with this one.
By trying to be green
very cute but flawed
Comments about Product:
very cute and decorative on my counter (I have the blue) but when you try to empty with liners can't get it out w/out tearing the bag.
By tracy
a Santa take back
Comments about Product:
I loved the idea as a gift for my mom and master gardner dad but it was a dud to them. I think it was too large for their liking.
By mtnkat52
It'll work!
Comments about Product:
As long as I turn it a certain way, you can't easily see the several outside glaze defects. I need to put some gum or something over the one inch glaze chip on the inside bottom to prevent any liquid from penetrating the clay. I thought that with the straight sides that I could pull the bag out more easily, but there is still a lip inside that it hangs up on. Overall, though, not bad.
By Crazy Composter
Comments about Product:
It looks absolutely beautiful on my counter. Couldn't ask for better.
By Jerry
Frustrating to use
Comments about Product:
The narrowing of the top is makes it very difficult to empty. If the items are bulky or it is more than half full it is a tug on the green composing bag and a rip.
By marie the nurse
compost crock
Comments about Product:
I was nothing in the pkg to explain how to use the product, and the bags. I was using it for non-protein perishable items, (peels, cores) and fruit flies started to be attracted to it. I then put it outside, and the smell was horrible. So I do like the jar itself, but instructions should come with it.
By Carole
Looks really nice on the countertop!
Comments about Product:
I was concerned that there would be odors from the contents and that it might attract insects but that is not a problem! The only negative is that when the liner is full it is difficult to get it out. The top of the container design is not straight but curved.
By BeanieGirl
Pretty and Practical
Comments about Product:
Use the container for compostibles. It's very attractive on the kitchen counter. Cobalt blue matches perfectly with decor. It's heavy, sturdy and a good size. Much nicer than others we've purchased. Use green compost bags inside and keeps container clean. Only con is that after the bag is full, it's really tough to get it out re: top rim is narrower than the container itself. Understand that to keep a nice tight seal and odors out that it has to be this way but it's a real struggle to get the full bag out without ripping it.
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