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Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard
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Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard

Large Conestoga Cupboard

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Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard
$1899.95 - $1999.95

Our American-made Conestoga Cupboard is handcrafted with handy shelves for staples and kitchen supplies instead of a flour sifter and grain bins. Showcase in the kitchen, dining room or bar area for a convenient conversation piece.

The pull-out serving shelf, dry sink top and glass door cabinets display your favorite crockery, recreating the old-time charm, as do dovetailed drawers and a hand-rubbed finish. All cupboards have embossed pewter knobs.

Our Conestoga is handcrafted by Georgian craftsmen, and is inspired by early American furniture. It’s made of high-quality, kiln-dried Eastern White Pine, which is both abundant and sustainable. By striving to maintain the wood’s natural integrity, each piece is truly unique with variations in grain, tone and texture. Staying true to this concept, the distressed, hand-applied finish gives each piece the look of a well-loved antique.

Choose from many different colors to make a statement or call to customize, right down to the hardware! Made in USA.

• Handcrafted of 100% pine
• Slightly distressed, hand-rubbed finish
• Pull-out serving shelf
• Dry sink top
• Dove-tailed drawers
• Glass doors to show off favorite items
• Ideal for kitchen supplies, small appliances and linens

Assembled Dimensions
49½"W x 26"D x 72"H

Shelf Dimensions
Top 44¼"L x 11"D
Base 45¾"L x 23½"D

Interior Drawer Dimensions
Top 12¼"L x 9"W x 2¼"H
Base 10½"L x 14¾"W x 3¼"H

Assembled Weight, Capacity
230 lbs., 185 lbs.

Delivered in two pieces.
Ships White Glove Delivery: We bring it inside

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Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard
Large Painted Finish Conestoga Cupboard
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    • Expected Ship: in 7-8 weeks
    • Extra Shipping Charge: $300.00
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Large Stained Finish Conestoga Cupboard
Large Stained Finish Conestoga Cupboard
  • 42796
    • Expected Ship: in 7-8 weeks
    • Extra Shipping Charge: $300.00
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5.0 (based on customer reviews)

By jitjit
Love this cupboard
Comments about Product:
My husband purchased this cupboard for me. He knew that I have been wanting this for the last 6 years. I am so delighted with how it looks, and very nice quality. I am looking forward to placing my crystal in it. I have read where people have complained of the fumes. I have not noticed any from the stain.
By Laurie
2 years and still love it
Comments about Product:
I've had my cupboard for about 2 years now and I still love it. It's beautiful and provides that extra storage I needed.
By Tess
Comments about Product:
I absolutley love my Conestoga Cupboard! The stained finish is beautiful. I love all the knots in the wood, looks so very country. The stain had a very faint odor that lasted a day or two. I received it in less than 5 weeks. I would highly recommend this piece of furniture to anyone who loves the country lifestyle look as I do.
By 100 year old house
A beautiful, functional, piece.
Comments about Product:
The cabinet is a great size and the storage provided is highly useful. The dry sink on top is great, especially with little hands around, as the lip prevents things from bring pulled down from the upper work surface. The pull out work surface is great also. The distressing is not overdone and it really compliments the Bay color we selected for the unit in a room with honey oak floors, lots of light, and autumnal orange walls, with navy window treatments and accents with a bright white ceiling and classic white trim.
By First time reviewer
Nice piece of dining room furniture
Comments about Product:
This cupboard is exactly what we needed in our dining room - a beautiful piece with the storage space we needed in our colonial New England house. The stain smell is a bit strong when the cupboard was delivered, but we hope that the smell will air out with open windows and with time.
By Busy Momma
Great quality and beautiful!
Comments about Product:
We are using the cabinet in our family room to store toys and games. Lots of different cabinet areas, drawers, etc. are great for keeping everything organized. Tons of storage! The red color looks beautiful in our home. It's a beautiful, rich cranberry red color.
By Ray & Ckarol
An art of craftsmanship.
Comments about Product:
To store kitchen items providing easy access.
By Not-so-patient Kaye
I love it!!!
Comments about Product:
I finally received this cabinet afer 11 weeks of waiting but it was well worth the wait. I absolutely love it. It is exactly what I wanted. It is gorgeous and has lots of storage. I had to tighten some of the hardware on the doors and dust it off but it appears to be made very well. There is a slight odor of the finish but not as bad as I had expected from the reviews. I think the paint smells less the stain. I would highly recommend this product but be prepared to wait. I had to prod to get it delivered and it took exactly 11 weeks to the day from when I ordered it. I will enjoy it for years to come.
By Kat
EXACTLY what I wanted!
Comments about Product:
This well-made and beautifully painted cabinet has transformed my smallish kitchen with poor storage into a comfortable, well-organized, and much more attractive space. Now, I have a place for everything and everything is easily accessible. I ordered the white distressed version, and I love the look. There was a slight smell, but nothing more than is to be expected in a newly manufactured piece, and it faded quickly. The cabinet seems very sturdy and well made. The closest I can come to a complaint is that the knobs seem very lightweight. However, if they ever get bent or broken, I can easily replace them. Everything else is wonderful.
By Diana
Great substitute for kitchen cabinets
Comments about Product:
I bought this cabinet in 2002 for a kitchen renovation at a lakefront home. I had a very limited budget and opted for this piece in lieu of cabinets in the same area. It is beautiful---looks so much better than ordinary cabinets would have, and it adds that country flair to our log home. Virtually all of our guests have commented on it. I chose to use it primarily as a baking center--I store all my baking utensils and supplies in the myriad of draws and cupboards. When I bake a pie, I use the pull-out drawer to roll the dough. And my decorative glasses and dishes look great behind the glass doors. Several years later, we bought a house with a dated and small kitchen with little storage space and the former owners left this exact cupboard for us to use. Again, I put it to great use, and it looked beautiful in the kitchen. We subsequently sold that house and the cabinet went to a friend with an antique farmhouse in Michigan. She also raves about how it looks, and a potential buyer to her property loves it too. I did not have the problem with the odor that many reviewers have mentioned; maybe this problem surfaced after I had bought mine. My only complaint is that the pull out work surface often sticks and I have to jiggle it to get it to slide back in. I have found this very annoying, especially when I am in a hurry (which is most of the time). We are thinking of renovating our kitchen at our year-round home, and I am thinking of incorporating one of these cupboards in that design. I don't ever want to be without one.
By PGlack
Love my Cupboard
Comments about Product:
I love my cupboard. I saw it in a store first, so I knew exactly what I was getting. We use it in a casual dining room and it stores much more than I even imagined! I love all of the different drawers and compartments. As other people stated, it did smell when we first received it, but that faded within a few days. It also did take much longer to receive the item than we were told, but when it arrived, it was in great condition and I am quite pleased!
By carla
Still love it after all these years!
Comments about Product:
I bought this cupboard several years ago and STILL LOVE IT. It is very roomy and I like the array of compartments. It is so attractive; got loads of compliments. Very versatile for entertaining.
By cindy
Still love it
Comments about Product:
I bought this over 5 years ago and I can honestly say it is my favorite piece of furniture. It holds so much I don't know what I did without it. It is attractive and the construction is top of the line.The stain has held up as well as the interior. Worth every penny I paid for it
By Nevada Blues
Sad to Say.....
Comments about Product:
I so wanted this item. Read all the reviews before ordering and was aware of the noted "short falls" I waited multiple months for delivery and was really sad when it arrived and the quality of the workmanship was quite poor; glass doors had large gap, paint surface was very gritty, as if painted over sand. There was a huge paint "ripple" at eye level where the paint had not been allowed to fully dry but something pushed the surface. I didn't accept the unit and immediately reordered thinking I had just gotten a lemon. After a few more months the second one arrived and again I had high hopes. Same issue with the surface texture being gritty and on the second unit a doorknob was missing. This unit too was returned. In general, the unit is smaller than it looks in the catalog. I'm a loyal "Plow" fan and will continue to buy from them but not this item for that price.
By mamamia
Beautiful, timeless, stinky for 5 weeks!
Comments about Product:
I have always been attracted to the Hoosier cabinets of the early 20th century and wanted something similar for my 1922 Crafstman Bungalow. However, the Hoosier cabinets I found in local antique/junk stores were flimsy! Made out of cheap pine that doesn't age well, I wasn't convinced it would be worth putting in the time and resources to refinish an old one. By the time I figured about $1,000 for an antique, plus all the time, money, and effort of a DIY refurbishing job, I clearly justified the cost of this beautiful piece from Plow and Hearth. I ordered the Chestnut finish. It is stained inside and out, and is a lovely rich color. It is a substantial piece of furniture - a beautiful focal point for my small bungalow's dining room - but doesn't overwhelm the space at all. My *only* complaint is one that has been voiced here in past reviews: the stain used on the furniture smells horrendous, and continues to off-gas WEEKS after delivery. I would be willing to extend my delivery time to allow for off-gassing to take place at the manufacturer, rather than in my living room. It wouldn't have been so bad if I could have kept my windows open and really aired out the house. But it arrived in a very snowy week of January and we weren't in the window opening mood. What helped with the stain stench was to rub down every square inch of it with dusting spray (I use the almond-scented spray from method) about twice a day for the first week. Even 5 months out, there is still a faint odor when we open the cupboards. It would be really thoughtful if P&H would find a way to reduce the fumes - either with a different staining product or by holding off on delivery until the worst of it has past. It was really offensive. All that said, I would totally purchase this again and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested. I am so pleased with it!
By Cottage Lady Mic
Update to my 2/14 review
Comments about Product:
I was initially thrilled with my cabinet (see my 2/14 review)HOWEVER, the smell I mentioned in that review has yet to go away!! 6 weeks later!!! I have opened it up with a fan blowing on it, wiped it down (3 Xs now) with apple cider vinegar - per company's suggestion.A Plow and Hearth representative told me "that this happens occasionally with furniture they sell and it will fade eventually." Well, frankly that Bites! Until that chemical smell (so strong it will make your eyes water if you lean into the cupboard)goes away I cannot use it to store any food goods.Many of which will be heavily tainted by the smell.Let alone I need to keep my windows open as much as I can!I did not find the company to be very helpful or sorry.I won't ever buy furniture from them again...thats for sure!
By Cottage lady Mic
Just received cupboard - Lovely
Comments about Product:
This is a beautiful, quality piece of furniture. I have coveted this for several years and am so happy to finally have it. This cupboard has made our small kitchen so much more user friendly. The one and only complaint I have is that it smells of the stain finish horribly! Hoping that it fades real fast!! It took 6 weeks from the order date to receive. Which was what the company said it would take.And it arrived in great condition.Would give 4.5 stars with just .5 off for smell.
By Jan
Love it, love it, love it,,xoxoxoxo
Comments about Product:
Its beautiful,, I purchased the black Lg. one because we have wood floors and I wanted some contrast in the dining room,, it was everything I hoped it would be,, I recieve lots of compliments on how pretty it is,,
By Teresa the Lady Farmer
Handy and Handsome!
Comments about Product:
I used this in a farmhouse kitchen. Great functionality and style!
By Jennifer
Perfect piece
Comments about Product:
I worried the piece would be a bit too large for my kitchen, but it was perfect. I love the look of the bay distressed color. A nice country chic look. Perfect amount of extra storage space which is what I was looking for with a nice mix of decorative touch.
By Country Kitchen Gal
Beautiful piece of furniture
Comments about Product:
This is a beautiful piece of furniture and goes well in my "country kitchen." One thing we didn't like on the cupboard was the natural finish to the inside back of the hutch. We immediately painted it black to match the rest of the cupboard. This also allowed for items displayed behind the glass to stand out more. It turned out beautiful. [...]
By Bilbo
Brings warmth and nostalgia.
Comments about Product:
I have been wanting this for some time. I found no other merchant that could match this piece for quality, appearance, and price. I have absolutely no complaint
By cela
I would recommend this product to friend
Comments about Product:
We will use this as a secondary piece in our dining room with a buffet. We love the rustic appearance and love the metal hardware.
By Crickett
Old world charm Love it!
Comments about Product:
[...]Thanks for an excellent product, great experience.
By The Shamrock & Thistle
Great Buy!
Comments about Product:
We use the large cupboard in our modular home that doesn't have a dining room. We love the storage. It's much more than we expected. The piece has a great bread drawer that we love and use. The description says "Large," but we did our measuring and were worried, but the "Large" cupboard fits perectly in our space. There is nothing negative about this piece of furniture. We love it. We had also asked for the wood samples which were sent without delay. We got the bayleaf color which we were afraid wouldn't match the seafoam color of the country kitchen table we had purchase from another company. It was a perfect match.... We are so happy with our purchase. We love Plow and Hearth! e
By Reets
A lovely piece
Comments about Product:
The chestnut stain is much more red than brown, as indicated in the picture. [...]
By al dente'
Finally! A Handsome Way to Store Dishes!
Comments about Product:
Needed storage for four sets of dinner ware. This cupboard holds two sets with glass ware, and big serving pieces. Has small drawers, too. Good for flat ware, trivets, odd flat pieces. Pull out shelf needs some extra support; no stops at back,need to be careful when pulling out. Very nice looking; the Chestnut stain matches my bar cabinet to a tee.
Beautiful Cupboard
Comments about Product:
[...] I am glad I got the swatches before I bought the cupboard. The antique red is beautiful and the cupboard becomes the focal point. It is a great way to display potteries, baskets and kitchen collectibles. The storage at the bottom is very roomy. Friends and family love it too!
By Nobchi
Great product!
Comments about Product:
Great product with much more space than we thought! Love the pull out drawer, wish it had a stop on it though to be sure it doesn't come all the way out?
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