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11%26quot;H Electric Stay-Put Auto-On/Off Window Candles With Slanted Base
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Stay-Put Auto-On/Off Window Candles With Slanted Base

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11"H Electric Stay-Put Auto-On/Off Window Candles With Slanted Base

Add festive, easy light to your windows with our Stay-Put Window Candles. Any double-hung window (regular or replacement) secures our candles by closing on the slanted L-shaped steel base.

Our Stay-Put Window Candles feature a handy built-in sensor that turns the light on auto­matically at dusk and off at dawn. No more unplugging or wasting battery life!

Electric Candle bulb and replacements are clear. Battery Candles come with yellow LEDs; optional white LEDs available (specify window candle color to match trim).

• Stay-put window candles with special slanted base
• Your window holds the candle in place all season
• The slanted base works with any kind of window, even replacement windows
• Auto on/off sensor for easy holiday decorating

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3.0 (based on customer reviews)

By Chesapeake
Only fair
Comments about Product:
We have not enjoyed these candles the past few years that we have had them! They don't stay on long enough and the light is very dim. Now we are having problems with a couple of the candles that won't light at all. Because we spent a lot of money buying 12 of them, we have been trying to make them work. We do, however, like the fact that they anchor in the window. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, though!
By Edna
They are nice but not too bright.
Comments about Product:
One didn't work out of seven; replacement is on its way. They look best when it is very dark, gives the house a welcomed look...what I was going for all year long.
By Shell seeker
Observation about light sensitivity
Comments about Product:
Purchased the bronze. Was surprised the candles are not white as pictured but are an antiqued beige color (reminds me of old, dis colored white plastic). The bulbs are yellow/orange when on. The stand is made of metal and seems sturdy. The candles sit in the stand and can be removed easily, though I don't know why that would be necessary. For those complaining about candles shutting off: on the bulb housing, there is a cut-out for the light sensor. Make sure this faces the window (not the inside of your house) and you will have fewer problems with the candle shutting off when you turn on lights inside your home.
By Satisfied Customer
They Worked!!
Comments about Product:
I was delighted that these candles so easily adapted to our windows. Even the ones with a lip in front, we could bend slightly and the candles were easily straightened up top the correct position. All I need now is some decorative greenery around them for daytime enjoyment!
Poor design
Comments about Product:
I've had these for 3 seasons now. Each year I get frustrated that the photocell for these bulbs is inside the threading of the it is inside the plastic candle! This means that unless sun is beaming intensely through the plastic the light stays on and drains the battery...mine are in the north face of my house so the batteries need replacing every week. Really strange design that costs me about 60 batteries each season (10 windows x2 AA batteries ea), even when I make sure the photocell is facing directly out the window. Also...the thin metal blade doesn't work well with my windows so I made shims out of cardboard to make them stay in place. It's a reasonable design, but just worth noting.
By wahwah
Nice but don't fit my windows
Comments about Product:
These are very nice candles and I wish I could use them. However, my windows have a little lip at the bottom and this pushes the metal stand backwards so that the candle is not straight up. I'm very disappointed I really wanted to use these. Also would have liked if they came with a 6 hour timer instead of dusk-dawn.
By Jayne
Love them!
Comments about Product:
Love these! They come on at dusk and go off at dawn! The bulbs could be a little brighter, but love them anyway.
By Kt
The Best!
Comments about Product:
I was never able to put regular candles on my window sills as the sills are slanted ( who does that?!) and I ordered these last year and we loved them! They look great from the inside and the outside. Highly recommend them!
By Trena
Comments about Product:
I have had these beautiful LED window lights for at least 5 years, and have not had to replace the bulbs until now. I received the new bulbs very quickly and my lights are now working great again! Please don't ever get rid of these lights! I have ordered other items, and everything has always been delivered promptly and packed securely. Thank you for the great service and products!!!
By Patti
Love these so far
Comments about Product:
Just got these and am very pleased so far. Will have to see how well they hold up. The included bulbs aren't the best so I tried a regular 7 watt bulb and the auto sensor still works great. Our windows do not have sills so these are a great solution. With a little bending, they fit great and look very nice.
By Joy Decore
don't judge a book by its cover
Comments about Product:
I would prefer white bulb - not yellow.
By Jan
More to share....
Comments about Product:
Lots of comments on yellow or orange bulbs for these candles, we use regular store-bought electric replacement bulbs, they are bit brighter but cheap and work well. The candles take a bit of getting used in the bedrooms as they stay on all night. They also turn on/turn off independetly depending on lighting for each candle, but are a beautiful, warm touch to our home. We now have one candle which has failed, fuse, bulbs, everything checks out. I'm not happy I will have to order another but these are far better than the turn on/turn off manual one -- we have those from the way past, same design, too.
Ugly yellow bulbs included
Comments about Product:
Thought these were a good idea but didn't notice in the description that they come with yellow bulbs. The replacement white bulbs are $10 for TWO?!? Not sure why that is when the yellow bulbs are $2.95 BUYER BEWARE
By oma
candle performance
Comments about Product:
I bought 2 candles. The bulb in one doesnt work. I tried it in the other candle and it still didn't work. How do I get a replacement bulb? ... by bending the holder i was able to adopt it to my windows
Comments about Product:
By Ann from CT
Love the inside look and ease
Comments about Product:
I love the ease of these candles. Having few outlets near my windows makes these perfect for my old house. I like the dusk to dawn feature and they work just fine at night in my house. Unfortunately I am not a fan of the bulb color. It is not yellow, it is orange. Please, please Plow and Hearth come out with a Warm White LED bulb as the regular LED is a Blue White. They would be perfect if the bulb wasn't Halloween Orange.
By carol
Comments about Product:
The bulbs were missing on several candles. I called and the bulbs were not shipped. The sensors in the candle are too sensitive. The candle shuts off when lights in the room go on. Also, the bulbs were hard to scew into candle base. Some did not work, went on and off. Expensive for quality.
By Very annoyed
Major flaw
Comments about Product:
These candles are sturdy and nice looking. The "stay-put" feature is perfect for homes with small children, as they can't pull them down. However, I quickly discovered what I consider to be a MAJOR flaw. The candles work on a sensor, they are designed to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. However, unless you like to live in the dark, you will have a big problem. As soon as you turn the lights on in the room, the candle turns off. I cannot imagine that I am the first person to have a problem with this. Literally, as soon as I turn my dining room or living room lights on, the candle turns off. I will be looking for an alternative with a basic "on/off" setting.
By Ann M.
Window Candles - *** THE BEST ***
Comments about Product:
I love the look of candles in the windows. These candles are great. I purchased my original 12 candles 15 years ago and needed 4 more. I put the bedroom candles on a timer so that they would not light the room all night. They are truly dusk to dawn.
By Kristy M
Good Value, exactly as advertised
Comments about Product:
I use these window candles in all my front windows for holiday decorating. The angled holder and lip fits perfecting for narrow or no window sills. The finish (bronze) looks very nice. They are traditional looking but not too much. The bulb shows more yellow when lit than I expected, but they did say yellow! The photosensing isn't perfect, but for dormer windows or areas without outlets to plug in, these do the job and look great.
By summergirl
Works well with no effort on my part
Comments about Product:
My window sills were very narrow. The concept of staying put was perfect for me. I would have liked more color options for the LED lights. In one case, my window panes were square and not rectangular and the LED light runs in the middle of the pane but are still visible. I was disappointed that after I got 20% off I didn't pay attention to shipping and paid about $13 to ship them. My error... also, when the co. boxed the 7 lights that I bought, there was no packaging inside the box to protect them during shipping. I couldn't believe that none of them broke!
By JJ Buckeye
Nice Candles
Comments about Product:
I was a little unsure that these would work with curtains and shades down, but seems to be no problem. The bulb goes in rather unevenly but they look nice and stay in the windows well.
By Kldoty6
Great product
Comments about Product:
I ordered 12 cordless candles and I love them. 1/12 worked great. The 12th had a faulty bulb, but Plow and Hearth is sending me a new one at no charge. They fit nicely into my replacement windows without causing a draft. The LED lights glow a nice, romantic orange that looks like a flame with distance. They automatically turn on and off with the change from day light to night. I can override to turn them off (husband can't sleep with any light in the bedroom) if I desire. I am a little concerned with how long the bulbs will last. I plan on buying a set of replacement bulbs as they may no longer be available by the time I need them. I also am not sure how long the batteries will last.
By Grandma
Bought these just incase
Comments about Product:
I bought these just incase the bulbs in candle decide to quit. Keeping my fingers crossed that I won't need them for a good long time.
By Grandma
Christmas Decorating made easy.
Comments about Product:
I purchased these candles to put in my windows at Christmas, but I may just use them all year. Once you put the bulbs in place, you don't have to worry about turning them on and off. The timer takes care of that for you. The LED bulbs should last a good long time, and this make the batteries last longer too. Yeah!
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