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Hearth Tidy Set

Hearth Tidy Set

Sorry, this product is currently not available.

Compact size fits anywhere around the fireplace and easily tucks away when not in use. Shovel doubles as an ash pan and features a built-in display stand and holder for the brush. Steel tools are finished with a brass finish. Made in India

13-1/2"L x 5"W x 4-1/2"H.

3.7 (based on 11 customer reviews)

By Aaron
Hearth brush and shovel
Comments about Product:
A decent product for the price, nice looking but not very practical.

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By Baron Rojo
FromCumberland, Ohio
Just what I need when I need it
Comments about Product:
You probably already have a good fireplace toolset; Plow & Hearth offers many excellent sets and I got mine here. But there are light touch-ups that you just don't need that long-handled brush and shovel for; that's when this set is just the thing. This set is heavier than it looks! The handles are solid cast metal, which give the tools a hefty and substantial feel, but will come as a surprise more often than not. Don't drop one on anything breakable. I had just two disappointments; the antique brass color doesn't match any other tools on my hearth; I'd have preferred a simple black. The other disappointment was fortunately temporary; the brush was packed with a cardboard sleeve rubberbanded around the soft nylon bristles (which I like!) and left them misshapen. Didn't affect operation, and they sort of straightened up in a few days, but I didn't know that at the time. Maybe the radiant heat of my fireplace helped.

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By luvmydogjake
FromCharlton NY
Wish brush had stronger bristles!!
Comments about Product:
We are pleased with the look, but not pleased with how soft the bristles are for cleanup!

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By jt
FromWellsboro PA
Don't get it close to hot stoves!
Comments about Product:
This item fits nicely in a small area, is handy because the two pieces fit together. However, the brush edges melted when I inadvertantly brushed up some warm ashes. now it does not give an even cleanup with brush. the surface of the scoop, however, is very nice as it's long and holds a lot of dusty. just keep that brush away from hot stuff.

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By Jonella
FromBoondocks of Sullivan County, NY
Nice item, utterly useless!
Comments about Product:
This product is attractive and well made and it's a pity that it's absolutely useless! The bristles on the brush are too soft and too long to "grasp" the soft wood ashes by my handsome wood stove - So it's ineffectual in sweeping them up. It does sort of sweep them up, but not quickly or easily or efficiently. It's a pity - I loved the idea - I liked the look - it's definitely sturdy and well made - but absolutely, utterly useless. I'm very sorry...

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By Pockets
FromRensselaer, NY
Nice little broom and scoop
Comments about Product:
A great price, so I got one for my Mom to use when cleaning up the ashes around the wood stove. She can use it instead of the long handled broom and shovel that are part of the fireplace set. Easier to reach those hard to catch ashes.

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By Jonella
FromBoondocks of Sullivan County, NY
Comments about Product:
I was excited to get this and tried using it immediately but immediately found it was quite useless!! The bristles on the brush are much long and too soft to be effective! I have a big, handsome wood stove that heats my house and it does emit a certain amount of ash but this brush does not effectively sweep up the ash - it's just too soft to be effective. I'm so sorry! I would rather praise the product but I cannot!! Well, it is sturdy and nice looking and it's nice that the brush fits onto the shovel/pan in a good, solid manner. If they made it so that the brush was stiffer (and probably with shorter bristles) it would probably be just fine.

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By Mr k
FromChicago, Il
not black
Comments about Product:
the order info stxated (Black) it is blacked brass, was bought as a gift

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By Bobalou
FromPoca, WV
Great Hearth Set!
Comments about Product:
This was purchased as a Christmas gift and I was so surprised at how great looking it was, I ordered 1 for my husband. Nice heavy brass, a stand to hold the brush, and doesn't take up much room on the hearth. Great for quick clean ups! When the set arrived, there was a rubberband around the bristles which made them sort of "squished" together. The bristles seemed to have relaxed some though. The price was right! I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with a fireplace or especially a wood stove.

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By Cozy April in Colorado
FromCentennial, CO
Tidy little Brush & Pan
Comments about Product:
This is a great little brush & pan. The only thing I don't like is the little stand on the back of the pan. It gets hooked on the edges of my fireplace or grate when I'm using it. The brush has nice soft bristles so that it doesn't flick ash all over. There is a lot less dusty air when using this brush than my stiff bristled brush that came with another fireplace toolset (not purchased at Plow & Hearth).

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By Nicci
FromLong Island, NY
An exceptional value!
Comments about Product:
It is a nicley made set that is both functional and nice to look at.

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