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Stink Bug Chute All-Natural Pest Control

Stink Bug Chute All-Natural Pest Control

Sorry, this product is currently not available.

Finally get rid of those pesky stink bugs in an all-natural, stink-free way. Without costly attractants, refills or LED lights, our Stink Bug Chute safely and simply does away with the household nuisance. Become the stink bug's natural predator, sending them down the tubes (three included) to be confined in the attached jar (two included).

To kill them, simply let the bugs expire, or add a splash of rubbing alcohol or liquid soap to the jars. This trap requires no electricity or batteries, and there's nothing to dispose of other than the bugs.

Includes two collection jars with cork stoppers, 12"L and 48"L tubes, plus a 45"L extension tube that can be used with either to allow you to reach and capture these bugs wherever they may be!

• Stink Bug Chute all-natural pest control
• Set includes two jars with cork stoppers and three tubes (12"L, 48"L and 45"L extension)
• Requires no costly attractants, refills or LED lights
• Become the stink bug's natural predator
• Bugs are sent down the chute and confined in the attached jar
• Includes three tubes of varying length and a burlap storage bag

3-3/4" dia.
12"L and 48"L tubes, plus 45"L extension
4.8 (based on 8 customer reviews)

By Jane the Pain
FromFrederick, MD
Best Birthday Present I Got This Year
Comments about Product:
Received this as a "gag" birthday gift and I love it! No more standing on chairs to get the stink bugs off the ceiling! Works on "lady bugs" as well. Fun to use too. And no chemicals needed. Much better alternative to my home-made jar with pickle juice!!

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By GrandmaME
FromDelmont, PA
Love It!!!
Comments about Product:
I am only 5' 1/2" and with this trap I don't have to go get a stepping stool or stand on a chair to get the stink bugs off the ceiling. It catches and contains them very well. It is also great that there is not a need for chemicals or batteries or electricity to work this device.

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By Kathy
FromPalmyra, Virginia
I'm thrilled with my purchase!
Comments about Product:
This is a very cost effective tool. After years of trying to sweep or vacuum these pests, now I can do it effortlessly and quickly with absolutely no odor produced. There are two chutes and traps included along with an extender, so my grandchildren love to compete and see how many bugs they can trap without having to touch or smell them at all!

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By The stink bug lady
FromPittsburgh, PA
Not worth the expense
Comments about Product:
I've had a bad stink bug problem for the past 5 or 6 yrs. I received this as a gag gift because I've been doing this for the past 3 years without an expensive gadget. All you need is an empty sports drink bottle or other larger mouth bottle(water bottles are too small), attach it to a dowel rod or 1/2" PVC pipe whatever length you need with some duct tape, pour an inch of rubbing alcohol into the bottle and start collecting stink bugs! Replace the lid so you don't smell them and after you've collected quit a few, just toss it and start need to empty.

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By nanagee
Fromashburn, virginia
works like a charm!
Comments about Product:
This trap requires a minimum effort to put together (no tools needed), is easy to use----once you get the hang of it, and captures that nasty little bug while keeping you a distance from it. It stores away in its own little bag.

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By Bug Hunter
FromCharlottesville, VA
Stink Bug Chute All-Natural Pest Control
Comments about Product:
Received the Stink Bug Chute as a gift. Love it! Easy to use and it works like a charm. Easy to collect the bugs no matter whether they're high or low on windows and walls. Simple to eject them back to the outdoors or otherwise dispose of them. And it's fun!

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By H
Stink Bug Chute
Comments about Product:
After having dealt with stink bugs for the past few years and trying numerous products I had resigned myself to hand-to-hand combat rather than buying something I feared would ultimately not work. I am so glad I went against my better judgement and purchased the chute. Now there is a safe distance between me and the stink bugs and collecting them couldn't be easier.

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By J. Miller
FromAlexandria, VA
Easy to use, gets the job done.
Comments about Product:
We are so happy with this product! It is so hard to find something to get rid of the stink bugs without that terrible smell that they give off when squished. I love that I can reach the ceiling without having to stand on a ladder or chair to capture the bug. Bonus: it is a safe tool to have around my small children. This product offers a quick and clean way to get the job accomplished. Very handy for roaches and spiders, too.

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The Olla: A Brief History

Olla (Spanish, pronounced “oh-ya”) jars have been around since ancient times. Made of unglazed ceramic, ollas traditionally have short, narrow necks with wider bodies, and are made in a variety of shapes. They have been used for thousands of years for cooking, storage, and plant irrigation.

When used to irrigate plants, an olla is buried neck-deep in the ground near a plant’s roots, with the opening of the olla extended above the soil so that it can be filled with water periodically. The porous walls of the unglazed pottery allow the water to seep through gradually, constantly and consistently hydrating the plants without overwatering them – and without wasting precious water to evaporation or runoff.

The use of ollas for irrigation was introduced to the American Southwest by Spanish conquistadors during Colonial times, becoming very common among Native American tribes and Hispanic settlers. Though the technique gave way to more modern methods of irrigation some time ago, its superior efficiency, coupled with its simplicity, has caused it to make a comeback. Though the technique has changed little since its introduction, today’s ollas are usually capped off, making them even more water-efficient.

Perfect for home gardens, Ollas are a super-easy, eco-friendly, less time-consuming way to water annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables and plants of all kinds in dry, sandy soil, very hot or drought-prone areas, raised beds, and even pots, planters and hanging baskets. Fill the olla before you leave on a short vacation to enjoy worry-free watering – and a smaller water bill!

How it Works:

Water is pulled directly through the terra-cotta!

Read more about Ollas on our blog.

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