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Easy-Locking Garden or Flower Bed Iron Fence Edging

Easy-Locking Garden or Flower Bed Iron Fence Edging

Sorry, this product is currently not available.

Wrought iron edging is a pretty and practical addition to your garden or beds. Easy-locking ring system allows for flexibility around curves and corners. Durable powder-coat finish. Iron Fence set includes six 18"L x 18"H sections of and two 6"L x 18"H sections.

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4.3 (based on 16 customer reviews)

FromCentral Pennsylvania
Check durability before adding
Comments about Product:
I just noticed some rusting starting on fencing and gate...very disappointed because otherwise it looks very attractive.

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By Garden lady
FromBeatrice, NE
Makes my yard look classy
Comments about Product:
Delivery time is excellent. As stated above it will fade in the sun - weather. But is a weathered look.

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By Uncle fred
FromGlendale, California
excellent product
Comments about Product:
This edging is attractive and distinctive. In my application it has both a decorative function and works as a deterrent to my bulldogs entering an elevated bed. This edging will not dissuade dogs really intent upon entering a flower bed, but in my situation they are installed at the top of a low wall, and work well in protecting plants from the dogs. As a decorative edging this miniature iron fence is outstanding. Not only is it attractive, but it is easy to install, adjust, or remove. An excellent product.

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By dpearthmom
FromSan Pablo, CA
Simple Elegance
Comments about Product:
Was pleasantly surprised by the nice quality of this fencing and it fit my needs perfectly. I needed something a bit sturdier than what I was finding in the big box stores. The wrought iron is perfect and the design a simple elegance, not overdone. My intention was to protect our flowerbeds from the puppies digging and chickens scratching which it has done. I just intalled mine, so not sure about the color fading; however if it does fade to grey that also works with our house colors. My only suggestion is to make the fencing portion a few inches taller and the stake end a couple of inches longer, other than that perfect!! BACK FOR MORE!

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By Muffy
FromCincinnati, OH
Excellent Short Border for Garden Beds
Comments about Product:
I bought 13 boxes of these to cordon off various beds in the backyard from a pair of year-old English Bulldogs who are used to roaming through my plants. The first thing I noticed was that the anchor/spike is very long and makes up about 40% of the 18-inch height given in the product description. This was a surprise--I expected a higher unit above ground. Installed, these are not even 12 inches above ground. Because our dogs are short and not inclined to jump, we hope these will discourage them from trying to get into the gardens. We shall see--we just installed them today. Install with a rubber mallet to protect the finish and carefully tap down to the ground's surface. If you have a lot of curves in the bed's edge, you are going to need more than the 2 single units that come in a box, otherwise you will end up with abrupt angles instead of gentle curves. Keep that in mind when ordering. We also broke off one of the loop connectors while tapping on a section--you have to be careful which end you start from because of the way the loop and hooks fit together. Overall, installed this looks very nice around my garden and I think it will keep the dogs out of there. Can't say about the finish, but judging from other plant stands and items in the yard with a similar finish, I wouldn't be surprised if it fades in the sun. I am very pleased with how it lined up with the bed's edge and the overall appearance. Rather expensive, but superior to the cheap things you can find at box stores. Very classy look to finish off the beds.

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By Unhappy Fencing
FromPoughkeepsie,New York
actual height is misleading
Comments about Product:
Purchased 90' of this fencing to keep my dog from destroying my plantings.The advertisement is very misleading in saying it's 18" in height,it is actually 10",the other 8" are the support stakes that go into the ground.Reason I purchased this fence to keep the dog out,18" or above would be the desired height,as my dog would not be able to leap over it.Now I have the burden of returning all of this fence with a 10% restocking fee.

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By One Song
FromLovettsville, VA
Excellent product
Comments about Product:
I'm using this to clearly mark garden bed borders and prevent plants from flopping into pathways. Still too early to tell, but I fully expect it to do the job. Very sturdy construction, attractive appearance, easy to install. I will be buying more!

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By Denver girl
FromDenver, CO
Does what I need
Comments about Product:
Bought about 150 feet of this product to place between the front walk and a 3' flower bed. It matched the fence around the property until it started to sun fade, badly. It does the job of keeping people and animals out of the flowers, but will need to be painted in the spring. I would recommend with the caution that you will be painting this item.

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By Cathi
FromMuncie, IN
Beautiful Iron Fence Edging
Comments about Product:
Bought this several years ago, only suggestion is that it does fade but you could respray it so that really is not a major problem. I repurchased more of it this year and love the look. Very sturdy, easy to set up, very nice looking, in all I give it a 5 star. I would repurchase it again if I need anymore which I will.

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By the professor
FromRutherford, NJ
Nice decorative product
Comments about Product:
We were looking for some fencing to set off a flower bed on the corner and this does it well. Easy to install, sturdy and attractive. My only issue is that the black powder coating had already faded to grey after two months. Otherwise an excellent product.

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By JA yard lover
FromCharlotte, NC
This was perfect for me.
Comments about Product:
I am using this low fence around 3 sides of an azelea bed (the 4th side is a low stone wall). My azelea bushes were getting broken and damaged by my dog. The fence looks great--very simple and classic- but does not take attention away from the azeleas. It is just enough to encourage my dog to look elsewhere.

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By Town Planner
FromJohnstown, Colorado
Downtown Planters
Comments about Product:
We used this product in our downtown planters. Attractive, and sturdier than it looked in the ad. We needed to attach to inside of planter for support.

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By Kitty
FromMadison WI
Great fencing
Comments about Product:
Nice low fencing with more substance than many similar ones. Fits well together and is sturdy enough to remain essentially lined up and straight. Very classy look.

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By Barre
FromRock Hill, SC
I've had multiple orders
Comments about Product:
Ground stakes are too short for uneven ground; they should be at least 2" longer. 4" would be even better.

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By the head gardener and dog mom
FromRedwood City, CA
Came back for more....10 years later!!
Comments about Product:
This fencing is indestructible, attractive, easily connected and versatile. Bought them 10 years ago to separate the roses from the family dog and they're still in place! Just ordered another set to keep the new strawberry hills safe from the next generation puppy!

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By K
Sturdy but chipped!
Comments about Product:
I love the nice design! It would have helped to have directions on the best way to put it in the ground! My ground is not without rocks and clay, therefore it was difficult to get it in the dirt without a little use of a sledge hammer. Even wrapped in a towel, I chipped paint and that was disappointing. It was also difficult to figure out how to line everything up without some directions or at least tips. More work than I expected.

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Olla (Spanish, pronounced “oh-ya”) jars have been around since ancient times. Made of unglazed ceramic, ollas traditionally have short, narrow necks with wider bodies, and are made in a variety of shapes. They have been used for thousands of years for cooking, storage, and plant irrigation.

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Perfect for home gardens, Ollas are a super-easy, eco-friendly, less time-consuming way to water annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables and plants of all kinds in dry, sandy soil, very hot or drought-prone areas, raised beds, and even pots, planters and hanging baskets. Fill the olla before you leave on a short vacation to enjoy worry-free watering – and a smaller water bill!

How it Works:

Water is pulled directly through the terra-cotta!

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