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Custom-Fit Wood Caddy Cover
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Heavy-Duty Steel Wood Caddy with Large Rubber Wheels And Protective Cover

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Custom-Fit Wood Caddy Cover
$24.95 - $114.95
$24.95 - $114.95
Save your back and bring in several days' worth of wood in just one trip with our exclusive Heavy-Duty Steel Wood Caddy with Large Rubber Wheels. Solid steel axle, galvanized steel frame and top quality wheels make this a great value for a lifetime quality cart.

Wood up to 20"L stacks between the wheels (any length above the wheels) keeping the weight balanced low for easy rolling even on hills. Hard rubber wheels make moving wood effortless over rough terrain or up stairs.

Some assembly required. Fits easily through doors. Holds 200 lbs of wood.

Add the optional Caddy Cover to keep your wood protected. Save when you buy the set!

• Wood caddy
• Solid steel axle and galvanized steel frame
• Hard rubber wheels cover stairs and rough terrain easily
• Holds 150 lbs. of wood
• Custom-fit cover fits perfectly and keeps wood dry and ready to use

Wheels 20"
28"L x 26"W x 43"H

Save $9.95 on the Set
Heavy-Duty Steel Wood Caddy With Custom-Fit Protective CoverSave $9.95 on the set!
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Heavy-Duty Steel Wood Caddy with Large Rubber Wheels
In Stock!
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Custom-Fit Wood Caddy Cover
In Stock!
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3.8 (based on customer reviews)

By Dave
Strong frame; weak rims, wood caddy
Comments about Product:
Unit came fast, easy to assemble. The tires are solid slightly smaller than the replacment.It only holds 30 split quarters compaired to my old one that held 45 on average. It maneuvers well, I think the wheels are a little too light. A nice finishing touch would be end caps for the tubing.All in all a good buy.
By Mark
Wood caddy
Comments about Product:
We use this to bring wood to our porch for our wood stove. It is great bringing it up the stairs to stack it on our porch. You can stack a lot of wood on it which is less trips. It could be a little sturdier and sometime the wood does slide side to side hitting the tires, hopefully they will make some changes but overall we like it :)
By Love a wood fire!
Is 2nd one a mistake? Hope Not!
Comments about Product:
Just ordered my second one. Why? A wheel on the first one is warped and bent after the cart was overloaded and used over some very rough terrain by the grandsons. After my second back surgery I had to find much easier ways to do the things I'm used to doing. Hauling large loads of firewood in a canvas carrier by one hand was no longer an option. This P&H Wood Cart does the job! Easy to load and unload, easy to steer through the house and very easy on a bad back! Suggestions: Do not overload! Do not use on very rough terrain. Tighten spokes before use.
By Paul
Lousy wheels
Comments about Product:
The product is well designed and functions well. With one big drawback, the tires. They are flimsy and quickly become bent when using the cart at all. Plow and Hearth has been great about replacing them, however they just need to upgrade the wheels. I am going to order a pair of better wheels and replace the ones I have.
By Dina F
Great sturdy product! Impressed!
Comments about Product:
The large wheels and sturdy design are great! The wood cart is perfect size & it's great for bringing cut wood to the house. I'm very impressed with the sturdy design and large, smooth rolling wheels to transport wood up the hills on the property.
By southern folks
wood caddy wheels
Comments about Product:
when we got our wood caddy we went to get our firewood and only loaded it half full by the time we got it back to our house the tires was wobblying an the wheels was bent, we took the wheels of and took them to a bike shop and they strightend and tighten the spokes up, they told us that they had to take the spokes out and re-spoke the wheels because the spokes was not tighten from the factory it cost us 50 dollers to have it done its holding up now but we should not had to do that at all the wheels could have been better quality,
By Janet
Wood Caddy
Comments about Product:
On the first try, the log cart was loaded with wood and the handle snapped right off from the frame. There are only two small welds attaching the handle to the body frame. My handy husband welded his own brackets securing the handle to the frame. Otherwise we would have sent this item back and not re-ordered.
By Tallulah
Best thing is the solid tires
Comments about Product:
The low loading area really makes it hard to get the thing kicked back to pull into the house. The solid tires are why we bought it, but it came with a bent frame and a torn form pad covering, so I am fighting a few hurdles in giving a glowing review. It is functional, but not ergonomically pleasing.
By More wood?!
COuld use stronger wheel rims
Comments about Product:
I bought this since I need to make many trips to stock wood inside. I bought this large wheeled version since I have MANY steps to cover during my trips. This works great on "regular" stairs (verus rustic or rock stairs). While the rims did bend out of alignment when a rock or something was encountered, while loaded down with wood, I was able to 'bang it' back. One change I would make is stronger rims!!! I still love it though, and my back feels MUCH better and my legs are less tired from the many trips up and down all those stairs.....
By Islanders
Been using it for 10 years!
Comments about Product:
Works great up stair cases. Carries a lot of wood.
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