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2-Quart Fireside Popcorn Popper with Stay-Cool Handle and Hanging Strap
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Don't Forget...

Dishwasher-Safe Grill Basket S'mores Makers and 2-Quart Fireside Popcorn Popper

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2-Quart Fireside Popcorn Popper with Stay-Cool Handle and Hanging Strap
$24.95 - $29.95
Enjoy six, gooey, chocolaty S'mores—everyone's favorite—at a time! Stack your graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars together in the chrome-plated grill baskets. Use the long handles to safely hold them over your fireplace, campfire or barbecue. Set of two baskets includes scrumptious new recipes like Merry Berry, Peanut Butter Cup, Hawaiian S'mores, Banana and more. Dishwasher safe.

Our high-quality Popcorn Popper promises fresh popcorn, perfectly popped over your hearth, in your fire pit, campfire or barbecue. Quality steel construction, a food-grade porcelain enamel finish and a cool-touch rosewood handle ensure years of fireside service. Pops a generous two quarts at a time. Includes leather hanging strap.

• Popcorn popper and S'mores maker
• Set of 2 S'mores baskets have long handles and are dishwasher safe
• Popper is constructed of quality steel with food-grade porcelain enamel finish
• Pops two quarts at a time
• Use both over fireplace, campfire or barbecue

Smores Maker 29"L x 3-3/4"W
Popcorn Popper 9" dia. x 27"L x 4"H
2-Quart Fireside Popcorn Popper with Stay-Cool Handle and Hanging Strap
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Set of 2 Dishwasher-Safe Grill Basket S'mores Makers
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4.5 (based on customer reviews)

By Golfer
Smores maker
Comments about Product:
Delivery could have been quicker with the extra cost they wanted
By morlocke
Comments about Product:
I use this to pop popcorn.
By HomeBrewer
Popcorn popper-Coffee Roaster
Comments about Product:
I roast my own coffee, and have been looking for a way to roast on my gas grill's burner, or an open fire. THIS IS IT. They only things I'd found before are antique. Covered the bottom with beans, closed lid and put tinfoil on top,gas grill burner on medium heat, shake shake. When beans got to first crack, I checked them, looked great. Hit second crack, gave 'em a little longer, looked in, PERFECT. They won't be even, but I achieved a very satisfactory mix of very dark but not burned. Popper seems industrial enough to hold up over time, VERY HAPPY.
By john
you never knew you needed this
Comments about Product:
The tastiest thing you never knew you wanted. Haven't you tried toasting the whole thing before, delicately balancing the entire s'more on your marshmallow stick? Now you have no need; toast the marshmallows first for best taste, then stick the entire thing over the flame in this basket. Toasted graham crackers and melted chocolate never tasted better.
By Sherri
Comments about Product:
Works just as it should, fun around the firepit
By Popcorn Popper
Family Fun
Comments about Product:
This is the way popcorn should be made not in a bag or with an electric popper. All the kernals popped, and it was fast, and tasted out of this world.
By Grandmomma
Smores and MORE maker!!
Comments about Product:
This 'Smores' maker should be called an all purpose griller! We bought these to make smores over the fire at Thanksgiving, along with purchasing some hot dog piercing grilling tools from a local discount store. We ended up using these for the hot dogs as well as the smores!! It held six super sized dogs at ONE TIME....they are easy to close, they hold tight to the food, but still allow the smokiness to fully saturate the food. I can see them being used for all types of meats/vegetables that you may want to cook over an open fire. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! GREAT fun and surprisingly easy to use and clean.
By sd
Popcorn Popper
Comments about Product:
We used the popcorn popper at our firepit. Lots of fun, easy to use, loved the taste of old fashion popcorn.
By Popcorn Patty
Fun to use!
Comments about Product:
Difficult to attach handle to top. Needed a drill to make wooden top larger.
By ccosta
Fun to use.
Comments about Product:
Works as recommended.
By RobynB
Depends how fussy and patient you are
Comments about Product:
If you want a perfect s'more, and you're patient, this is a great tool. I don't think kids might appreciate it as much as adults, because you have to toast the marshmallow, then put the s'more together, then toast the whole thing, carefully. But if you do go to the trouble to do all that, yum!
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Olla (Spanish, pronounced “oh-ya”) jars have been around since ancient times. Made of unglazed ceramic, ollas traditionally have short, narrow necks with wider bodies, and are made in a variety of shapes. They have been used for thousands of years for cooking, storage, and plant irrigation.

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Perfect for home gardens, Ollas are a super-easy, eco-friendly, less time-consuming way to water annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables and plants of all kinds in dry, sandy soil, very hot or drought-prone areas, raised beds, and even pots, planters and hanging baskets. Fill the olla before you leave on a short vacation to enjoy worry-free watering – and a smaller water bill!

How it Works:

Water is pulled directly through the terra-cotta!

Read more about Ollas on our blog.

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