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50%27 USA-Made Ultra Light Kink-Resistant Hose with Solid Brass Fittings
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Ultra Light Hose

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50' USA-Made Ultra Light Kink-Resistant Hose with Solid Brass Fittings
$69.95 - $109.95
$69.95 - $109.95
Use our Ultra Light Hose in your garden for a watering accessory that's easy to manage and even easier to maintain. Each 50′ hose is constructed from quality materials that make it durable and safe for drinking water.

Solid color pigments create a dark, rich color that blends in well with your home's exterior and blocks out sunlight, preventing harmful bacteria from growing inside the hose.

Fittings are machined from solid brass, then plated once with nickel and once with chrome for tight, leak-free connections.

Built-in tendency to resist kinking and coil naturally so it stores easily. Made in USA.

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100' USA-Made Ultra Light Kink-Resistant Hose with Solid Brass Fittings
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50' USA-Made Ultra Light Kink-Resistant Hose with Solid Brass Fittings
In Stock!
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4.3 (based on customer reviews)

By BunnyBear
It is light weight, but it kinks
Comments about Product:
I use 2 of these hoses, one to water my front garden and one to water the back garden. Winding and unwinding it is not the piece of cake I thought it would be. And, it does kink. But, it is lightweight, which makes the other drawbacks easier to deal with. I would recommend it to a friend, but with reservations.
By foxy
one great hose.
Comments about Product:
It is so easy to work with and so easy to drag arou nd your yard.
By Dian the planter
Best hose Ever for flower boxes
Comments about Product:
I use this hose on my deck of 30'of flower boxes With this hose, it has cut down the time I use to spend and I not exhasted like before. This hose is not meant for watering a large garden or hosing down a driveway, but it has been the cat's meow on my deck.
By bummed customer
NO PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!
Comments about Product:
If you strictly are using this hose for watering plants then this is a good hose. However if you are planning on just simply spraying off your deck or sidewalk etc. Don't buy this hose as it is worthless for anything other than watering flowers etc. I love the colors, the lightweight but it takes me twice as long to spray off my deck.
By Auntie Caroline
this makes gardening easier
Comments about Product:
lightweight and easy to store
By Barb the
What a nice surprise!
Comments about Product:
After reading some of your reviews, I was somewhat hesitant to buy this hose. But, after six weeks of twice a day watering, I'm so glad I did! I can't speak to its durability yet but the lightness and lack of kinking make my job sooo much easier. I did lay it out on the deck on one of our hot days to remove its tendency to curl after arriving coiled in the box. Did the trick, even though I store it coiled. Oh, and I love the eggplant color! Blends so much better than the standard green or black. Never been this excited/happy about a water hose in my life! ;D
By Outdoor man
Very user friendly
Comments about Product:
Easy to handle, and rewind. It's rewinding may not be perfect, but it's about as good as it gets. A big thumbs up.
By Barb
Hose diameter too narrow.
Comments about Product:
The hose diameter was not listed in the catalogue. The diameter is too small and the water pressure is not enough to power the sprinkler. Love the light weight and flexibility of the hose but it won't work for us. Had to return the hose. Wish they made it in a larger diameter.
Not long enough
Comments about Product:
Opened up the box this weekend and loved the hose. Nice and light and easy to hook up. However, I have to return it because it is too short to reach the far end of my garden. I previouly had P&H curly hose the same length and it worked fine. Didn't measure the hose or garden but figured the same size would work. Now I have to pack it up and return it for a longer one.
By MC the grader
It's not kink-less like they say
Comments about Product:
The hose is very light and easy to store, but it will kink on you, just like any other hose. plus it has a memory and wants to be wound a certain way.
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