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1.4 Watt Small Solar-Powered Fountain Pump
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Solar-Powered Fountain Pumps With A/C Adaptor

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1.4 Watt Small Solar-Powered Fountain Pump
Solar-Powered Fountain Pumps allow you to turn your AC fountain into a low-maintenance water feature powered by the sun. Replace your older solar fountain pump with a brushless model that doesn't wear out, and eliminate replacing pump parts forever.

Easy to use and install, ours comes with an AC jack and adapter, so you can run the fountain even on rainy days. Includes three fountain nozzles. For indoor and outdoor use. Includes 16' cable.

• Solar fountain pumps
• Includes three fountain nozzles and 16' cable
• A/C jack and adapter for rainy days
• Brushless pump that doesn't wear out
• Indoor/outdoor

Small, 5" sq., 2.5L/min. flow rate, 1.4 Watts
Large, 8"W x 10"L, 10L/min flow rate, 6 Watts
1.4 Watt Small Solar-Powered Fountain Pump
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3.6 (based on customer reviews)

By TX Lady
Inconsistent Performance
Comments about Product:
There is plenty of strong sun in TX. My fountain is only 20 inches high and the pump inconsistently gives a strong enough flow for the fountain to function properly. I feel the pump is over priced for its performance. The larger version @ [$] is much too expensive a purchase for my small fountain.
By Carolyn
problem resolved
Comments about Product:
I used this pump for a small woman-made creek about 60 feet long with a 1 foot rise in elevation. I would have liked a stronger pump, but this does keep the water moving without electricity at a reasonable price.
By Barbara
Wonderful Product
Comments about Product:
This solar pump worked great and came with many adaptors and heads so that the uses are many. Our previous pump didn't work as consistently since it was stationery. With the long cord on the pump, there is hardly a time in the day that the water doesn't flow. I just have to move the panel to the sun!
By traveler
useful product
Comments about Product:
I really like this solar pump. I can now put my fountain where ever the sun is and I am not restricted by an electrical line. Mine runs from 10:00AM to 3:00PM on sunny days and that is plenty for me. The birds and animals love it and so do I.
By lscot
Pump is On, Pump is off
Comments about Product:
I placed pump in glazed ceramic bowl in my garden to enjoy a bit of a fount and the cleaning effect movement and aeration give to the water. The solar panel is nearby staked in a potted plant container. Alas, the pump only works well when the sun is steaduily bright on the panel; and I get a lot of periodic shade or dappling of light which makes for an inconsistent performance. But the worst problem is a roving racoon at night messes everything up on a routine basis requiring me to reset the pump and clean the bowl. Recommended but assess your light situation in advance.
By Kids Nana
Great little pump!!
Comments about Product:
Set up a small fountain on my patio - perfect little addition.
By TexIrish
GREAT IDEA just didn't work
Comments about Product:
This pump works great on house current, but on the solar it does not store enough power to pump my fountain. Used without the need to pump higher than a few inches, it will work great. This is a super idea, just does not have the power needed.
By Jan
love it!
Comments about Product:
Easy to hook up and works like a champ for two months now. It does not store solar energy so if a cloud passes over it stops, and of course it does not work at night - just when the sun hits the panel. But we live in sunny Florida so that is all we wanted and we are thrilled not to attempt to run electricity to this part of the yard.
By Kathy
Nice to find a replace't
Comments about Product:
I have mine on the front step of my home. I've had it about 5 yrs & last summer I really had to "jiggle" the plug into the solar panel to get it to work. This year no amount of "jiggling" or anything else could get it to work. I'm happy that it's a solar fountain as we have no electrical outlets in this area.
By Brian
Failed right away
Comments about Product:
Easy to assemble but the panel failed within 30 minutes. We're just 120 AC now. Were not able to return it in a timely manner due travel constraints.
By Babs
Meets my needs!
Comments about Product:
I'm using this pump in a fountain that is a 2' high ceramic pot. So the pump has to push the water up about 18 inches. I'm happy to say it is doing it! It was easy to install, and worked as soon as I stepped away to allow sunshine on the solar panel.
By Cinnamon
Pump is still running.
Comments about Product:
By Suz, master gardener
Finally I found one!
Comments about Product:
I've been looking for a solar pump for 3 years to power a vintage water fountain that I recieved as a retirement present from my school. I'm so excited to see it working out in my yard. Thanks for this hard to find and useful product.
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